Software Prototyping Solutions

Do you have innovative idea that you want to test & make informed decision before it hits market ?

We can help you transform your idea into interactive prototype. So that you can engage with your concept in real-time, gather feedback and refine your vision before transitioning to full scale development .

Building software applications and product for our clients is the bread and butter of our company. It gives us sheer joy to see our client’s ideas coming true with precision and high quality.

Having said that we clearly understand that there is so much investment and stakes that goes on behind launching any idea into the market. Our Metwaves team can help you in this journey by building a platform to validate your idea among your target market and remove failure risk.

We can build a prototype of your software concept in record time to validate assumptions and figure out what works and what not. While your objective is to create a product for your customers that solves their problem. Still there will be many unsaid expectations and doubts in your mind. These services covers all the stages of the cloud journey, from initial strategy development to ongoing management.

  • Is the product easy to use for customers to use it ?
  • Is the product reliable in all the given conditions and environment?
  • Is the product fit for the unique needs of the customer ?
  • Why will the customers pay money to use your product?
  • Is the product worth your investment in the long-term or say what will be future of the product ?
  • How is the overall experience of the customer ?

Our rapid prototyping service can help you answer all of above questions and much more, to ensure that you have a clear vision of the final product and resolve possible conflicts.
Software Prototyping Service

Strong Requirement definition leading to User-centric design

Stakeholders engagement is enhanced during the prototyping development. There is meaningful collaboration among cross-functional team as well the stakeholders. This leads to better requirement clarification and refinement, and more accurate project scopes and better alignment with customer needs.

Competitive Advantage in the market

Iterative nature of rapid prototyping encourages implementation of innovative ideas and concept. Responding to changing market trends and customer demands on timely basis gives you an advantage over competitors

Faster Time to Market

Rapid Deployment time which optimizes the service delivery time. Businesses can rapidly introduce new products, features, or services to the market using cloud platforms. Your customers will receive immediate response and feedback incorporations at much faster rate deepening your customer engagement

Our Services

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

You can test feasibility and viability of a specific concept or technology

We can help you in building functional Proof-of-Concept (PoC) prototype. These prototypes are build with the main objective of demonstrating the feasibility and viability of a specific concept or technology. Focus is on the key features or components related to the concept you're exploring.

Proof of Concept Prototypes

List of activities we follow to develop Proof-of-Concept prototype

  • Defining clear objectives of the concept and its success criteria
  • Functional and technical requirement of the prototypes specification
  • high-level design or architecture that outlines how the concept will be implemented
  • Technology, framework and tools selection
  • Prototyping development focusing on the core features and validity demonstration.
  • Iterative development for refining and adjusting the implementation based on technical challenges and insights gained during development.
  • Testing and Validation of the PoC prototype as per the Functional and technical requirement definition
  • Feedback from stakeholders and potential users to evaluate usability issues and areas for improvement
  • Refining the PoC prototype based on the input from the stakeholders, decision-makers, and technical teams.
  • Documentation of the changes, challenges faced and lessons learned during the development of the PoC prototype for future projects and innovations.

Have a concept in mind that you want to thoroughly explore for its potential, validity and usefulness. Share you idea details with us, let our team work on it. We can build UI Prototype in as much as depth as per your requirement. We are open to ideas to work on your idea.

User Interface (UI) Prototypes:

You can test user experience visualization for early design feedback

Metwaves team can build a User User Interface (UI) Prototype which will basically be visual representation of how the user interface of a software application will look and behave. Focus is given on the - Layout, Navigation, Interaction and visual elements. End product will be the prototype that helps our client with the tangible preview of the final product's user experience.

User Interface Prototypes

List of activities we follow to develop User Interface (UI) Prototype

  • Defining goals and target audience of the project
  • Understanding and documenting all the key functional requirements and interactions that needs to showcased in the UI prototype
  • Research and analysis process to consider various options to layout the user interactions.
  • Branding guidelines and industry best practices are considered
  • Initially rough sketches using paper or digital tools can be used for concept visualization
  • Gather feedback and review on the initial sketches with stakeholders to ensure the both sides are aligned with the initial goal requirements
  • Refine the sketches as per the reviews and move ahead with the visuals development
  • Low-fidelity wireframes will be developed for complex interactions, to outline the structure and placement of interface elements (buttons, forms, menus, etc.).
  • Visual designing of the prototype which will include: branding elements, typography, color schemes, and graphics of each page and functionality, how end user will interaction with the screen including hover effects, button states, transitions, and animations.
  • Share the visual prototype with stakeholders including clients, designers, and developers, to gather feedback.
  • Iterate on the visuals designs and interactions as per the reviews
  • Usability Testing with user groups to to validate the design's usability and identify potential issues.
  • Refinement of UI prototype for final launch of the UI prototype to Ensure that the prototype accurately represents the desired user experience and aligns with project goals
  • Documentation of the design process and feedback received for future design iterations or reference during development.

Have a concept in mind that you want to thoroughly explore for its potential, validity and usefulness. Share you idea details with us, let our team work on it. We can build UI Prototype in as much as depth as per your requirement. We are open to ideas to work on your idea.
What next ?

Hire our development team to get you there

We can move forward with you in the next stage, taking the approved prototype to the complete Product development launch. Get-in touch with us to know how you can hire our developers.

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