About Us

We are a software development and engineering empowering company offering custom end to end solutions to enterprises.

Metwaves is incepted by talented and passionate founders, who chose to grow by finding solutions to problems enterprises faces in a way which is unique to their own needs.

We enjoy building solutions for challenges that can make a real difference in the way businesses works and progresses towards new levels of success. Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise, we are here for you to join you in the journey of creating innovative solutions to untangle your digital moves and do great work !! Our approach revolves on being empathy to our clients' needs and listen hard to understand them.

Our Core Values

Success is not only due to the expertise in technology, it's down to our attitude of who we are deep within.

dedication & accountability

Solving our client's challenges through technology is our business. Like any other business, it can only thrive only when each team member is accountable for their work. Setting clear expectations is the foundation pillar in this process. Regular Performance Feedback and follow ups are conducted during the project execution to ensure that everyone is on the same page and there is no last minute surprises to deal with. Whether it is a big win or small win / big hurdle or small hurdle in our pathway of solution delivery. We deliver and communicate very clearly about our commitments.

care of our people

Our team is the most valuable asset of our company and we can be only as good as our people. Every individual comes with unique skills which needs to be appreciated and valued. We encourage sharing different ideas, opinions, achievements and experiences. Respect of every individual in the team and care about their quality of life, drives desire to go that extra mile to deliver great work. And there is nothing comparable to this sort of willingness. It serves everyone in journey of delivery great work - our team, our company and our clients.

client as partner

Great solutions are delivered only when everyone functions as one team towards common goal. We believe in long-term collaborations with our clients, and not just the "finish the job given" mentality. Our growth is sustained only in the growth of our clients.

Do you have any new idea to digitalize? or any challenge to solve in enterprise digital evolution? We'll offer the most fitting digital solution.


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