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Every software solutions requires a lot of groundwork before the technical team really get to start building the solution. Whether your objective is to improve a certain business process, or you have a completely new idea to be built from scratch, our business analysis services will guide you in defining the best development strategy by analyzing all the realistic scenarios possible risks and suggesting actionable plans for each of them.

Let our business analysts help you get an answer on how your vision will actually fit into the market and meet expectation of business stakeholders.

How our Business Analysis Services adds value to your Investment

Business Stakeholders

Helping Business to define the goals, creating the vision of the solution & how the problem areas will be solved

Business Analysis Services

Serves as the bridge between vision and the actual solution


Technical Team

Deliverables generated from business analysis service guide design, development team and QA team with the detailed requirement specification (approved by business stakeholders) needed to build the solution on time and within budget


Achieve your Goals
with Clear & Consistent Project Requirements with our IT Team

team align

Align Stakeholders
with Top-notch collaboration between business units and the IT team

save time

Save money & Time
with clear requirement scope that reduces out of scope work and unnecessary rework

time to market

Accelerate Product-to-market time
with clear solution scope, project planning and timely risk identification & mitigation

Our Business Analysis Services

Requirement Analysis
Requirement Definition & Analysis
  • Industry Research & Knowledge collection that includes study of rules & process of industry specific process, best practices and tools available for the solution
  • Target audience analysis, their needs and interest compare product attributes with that of your competitor
  • Understanding of what the proposed solution can, can't and could do
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and risks
  • Bring out the high level real picture of the proposed solution implementation
Requirement Documentation
Requirement Documentation
  • Business and technical requirements documentation
  • Feature List
  • Functional and non-functional requirement documentation, processes i.e. AS-IS and TO-BE, etc.
  • Implementation Budget and deliverables deadlines
  • Help deliver training material / User Manual
Prototyping and Proof
Prototyping and Proof of concept
  • Translating text requirement into visual ideas
  • Building Wireframe which gives an idea of layout & arrangement of all things that must fit into screen in reference (mobile, laptop etc.)
  • Mockup: Takes Wireframe a step further by adding color, type choices and even functionality. Gives an understanding about flow of the process to the stakeholders who are checking out the requirements
  • Prototype: Testing Model of the functionality on how the particular process will execute. It is meant more as a testing device, not a complete platform to clear the given set of requirements.
User Interface Design
High level User Interface Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Stories
  • Mind mapping
  • Wireframe of complex functionality

Lets get in touch to discuss how our business analysis service can sort out your Project idea into detailed road map with realistic possible scenarios and actionable plan for each of them

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Know our process of Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis expert collaborates with business stakeholder and development team at each stage to align everyone and receive inputs, suggestions & reviews before moving onto next phase of business Analysis.

Requirement Planning

Step 01

Requirement Initiation Phase & Planning

  • Interact with the business stakeholders and subject matter experts in order to understand their problems area and expectation from the solution
  • Defining Business objective Goal
  • Defining Project Scope & its boundaries
  • Feasibility Analysis & Risk Analysis
  • Conduct technology analysis to define system architecture, technology stack and IT infrastructure requirements

Requirement Analysis

Step 02

Requirement Analysis

  • Elaborating Business objectives,
  • Documenting functional and non-functional requirements in detail by elaborating business needs
  • Work flow diagrams, flow charts that defines interaction of different user roles with the system and their scenarios
  • Validation of each requirement
  • Scoping and Prioritization that brings out essential list of features that will be implemented and cut-off out any inconsistency and ambiguity
  • Defining Acceptance Criteria expected from the solution

Solution Prototyping

Step 03

Solution Design & Prototyping

  • Identification of types what type of prototypes will be relevant for the Project (flow charts, Static Wireframes, Mockup etc.)
  • Creating prototypes that serves as a basis for UI/UX designers
  • Gather feedback from the stakeholders involved to test the ideas quickly. And spot the areas for improvement. while you are still planning and designing the solution.

Support & Maintenance

Step 04

Support Implementation, Deployment & Maintenance Support

  • User Accepting Testing Session
  • Post release communication
  • Manual Preparation, User Training Session
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement, manage all the change requests & its impact on the existing system


Optimized development Process that maximizes the value delivered to stakeholders | Roadmap to successful solution implementation:
  • Complete and Consistent Project Requirement Specification
  • Project Technical Specification
  • User Interface Prototypes that simplifies the reviews and feedback collection from stakeholders and allows for rapid changes
  • Project Delivery Plan, Budget Estimates, Team structure and Risk management
  • Detailed time estimates on the project deliverables / milestone-wise

Our Tools

Business Process Diagramming, Wireframing & Flow Chart
  • visio
  • axure
  • balsamiq
  • Lucidchart

Documentation, Presentation & Note taking
  • OneNote
  • MS Word
  • Evernote
  • Powerpoint
  • XMind
  • mind Meister
    mind Meister

Collaboration & communication tools
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • Google Meet
    Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams

Requirement Management
  • Jira

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
  • KISSMetrics

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