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Give your business an AI advantage with competitive edge in market with insightful decision making, engaging user experience and cutting down costs.

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AI power has already become reality in our daily use. It’s no longer part of science of fiction books. From helping firefighters to make rapid decisions about where to find victims, to reaching out to the right customers who will most likely buy the product.

AI has changed the ways businesses have been operating for decades. AI presence is now beginning to become as an essential technology. No wonder, Dr. Andrew Ng who is globally recognized leader in AI has even suggested that artificial intelligence will be the new electricity.

MetWaves is here to help you Leverage the power of AI to make you stand a class apart from your competitors, also walk along with you in the process of incorporating AI capabilities into your own enterprise.

Our AI solution expertise can augment your operational efficiency by:
  • Automation of repetitive tasks - digital and physical tasks
  • Better Productivity
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Insights to make better decisions-making
  • Easy Identification of Sales Opportunities
  • Empowering with 24/7 real time customer support & assistance

Our AI Capabilities

machine learning
Data Capture & Processing | Analytics | Machine Learning
  • Everything in AI roots backs to data, our AI expert have vast experience in filtering data from the multitude of structured and unstructured data in different formats that your business produces. Our capabilities lies in producing the data in a meaningful format that will suggest the trend in which your business initiatives will grow.
  • Analyze structured and semi-structured content, including search queries, feedbacks, mined web data, business data repositories
  • Our solution will work on analyzing any kind of overly complex data so that machine can adaptively learn to produce insights that takes the guess work out of business decisions.
ai and ml
Strategic integration of emerging technologies, including, Cloud, Data Analytics, AI and ML
  • Build Custom AI applications that meet specific needs of your business
  • Integration of AI into your existing systems and processes.
  • Support for all aspects of the development process, from design to deployment.

AI Solutions for Industries

Leverage our technology stack in AI to help you the build the right solution which is specific to your domain and problem area. We keep incorporate latest trends to enable your business leverage all the benefits that AI promises to advance enterprises and solve real-world issues


We can help you build solutions which can analyze data from various sources such as medical records, journals, research papers etc. to assist you in delivering of advancing medical treatment and patient experience

healthcare ai
  • Medical Imaging and Analysis
  • Faster and Simpler Diagnosis
  • Personalized Treatment
  • New Medicine Discovery
  • Epidemic Outbreak Prediction
  • Health Monitoring devices
  • Identifying Clinical Trials Candidates
  • Dosage Error Reduction
  • Early Detection of ailments

Retail Industry & e-commerce

AI solutions in the retail market are already here to reshape the retail sector by supporting automation, optimizing supply chain and customer satisfaction

  • Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Automated checkouts
  • Customer mood tracking
  • Future Demand prediction by gathering market insights to find out what new trend or products innovation can take place
  • Make Customer Segmentation and generate plan & content to execute segment specific promotions and advertisements
  • Supply chain Optimization by analyzing customers shopping pattern and trigger alert in case of stock reaching low level


AI in education domain still has a long journey to show its influence as a platform for both the students, teachers and supporting the learning process. Below are some of the capabilities which of the areas where AI can make a difference:

  • Adaptive Learning based on every student’s needs.
  • Plagiarism Checkers
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy in large scale testing and assessment
  • flexible scheduling options encouraging more students to enroll and learn
  • Smart contents that presents information in easy to understand way
  • Detecting Mental well-being of child through mouse actions and keyboard strokes.
  • Ensuring integrity of online test system assessments with AI supported online supervision
  • Automating routine admin tasks such as scheduling, rescheduling classes, marking attendance, grading papers, finance, and accounting and record keeping etc.

Travel & Hotel Industries

Entire journey of traveler starting from travel planning to landing in the destination can be transformed by leveraging AI. Deliver an memorable customer experience to guest which is effortless and convenient:

  • Chatbots helping customers to make reservations and answering their questions without having log-in into different booking sites
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant that takes care of the needs of the traveler like information about the guest, schedules, budget preference and suggest services, offers and travel tips
  • Facial recognition technologies for quick check-ins
  • Back office automation for complex tasks like reconciling revenue from multiple disparate sources
  • Smooth Transit even with large volume of passengers by predicting passenger flow and prevent overcrowding at airports,
  • Assess risk of delayed departures from historical data and patterns and current operational situation.
  • Virtual assistant to trace any baggage lost or mishandling
  • Post Trip analysis from social media and booking platforms to get insights what services attracts customers and which were deal breaker


With massive amount of data produced by industrial IoT, AI has several possibilities not only for big factories but for small businesses too to get their hands on high-value and low-cost AI solutions.

  • Predictive maintenance which can help companies to predict and prevent machine downtime
  • Demand Forecasting for avoid losses from overstocking or under-stocking of raw inventories
  • AI based robots to automate autonomous tasks and improvement in the process, heavy lifting tasks
  • Quality Controls to spot deviation quickly because of continuous tracking and monitoring of operations
  • AR (augmented reality) to create simulations of the new product to speed up innovation and also prevent any glitch before product is launched in the market
  • AI driven cybersecurity to secure production premises

Marketing & Advertising

AI has reconfigured the whole concept of how advertising works from identifying and segmenting audience, to building creative ads and improving ad performance all in real time. Below are just some of the features in the new era of AI marketing

  • Smart content creation which is relevant to each potential customer
  • Voice Search, and AI-generated content as per Service or Product awareness stage
  • Advertisement targeting by scanning historical data and identifying effective ads
  • Lead scoring to detect how relevant the lead in terms of spending company time & cost
  • Presenting personalized content to the customer by identifying their familiarity with your services or product
  • Chatbots for customer support & enquiries
  • Find out what time is best to contact customers

Hire our AI experts which are well versed in all the AI services that your business needs for digital transformation.

Visual Search & Image Recognition
  • Seamlessly integration with powerful visual search and pattern recognition applications.
Face Detection & Object Recognition
  • Facial detection algorithms for security purposes, including detecting individuals in crowds, detecting faces in surveillance footage
Computer Vision
  • Object detection and recognition, scene understanding, semantic segmentation, and video analysis image analyzing and emotion recognition
Text Analytics & Sentimental Analysis
  • Processing vast amount of text data to understand how humans speak, identify words and grammar and extracting human interactions
Robotic Process Automation
  • Automate repetitive tasks—no human intervention necessary.
  • Bot Training
  • Bot Implementation
  • Solution Development and Integration
Natural Language Processing
  • Text interpretation to perform tasks like classification, grammar checking and translation.
  • Raw Language Processing & Entity Extraction
  • Statistical NLP & Linguistic NLP
Chatbot development
  • 24/7 customers engagement with always-on interactive chatbots Identifying user Intent, attitude and emotion/Tone Recognition Architecture, Integration, and Deployment
Optical Character Recognition
  • Quick and easy verification of codes, optical character and object with Digital Image processing 

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Technology Stack

  • python

Framework and Tools
  • tensor
  • keras
  • ms Cognitive tookit
    MS Cognitive Toolkit
  • theano
  • pytorch

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
    Google Cloud

Algorithms & Models
  • Supervised Learning (classification, regression)
  • Unsupervised Learning (clustering, pattern search)
  • Image Classification (VGG-16, ResNet50, InceptionV3, EfficientNet)
  • Generative AI (Transformer models)

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