Throughout our approach of delivering services to client, we have always stressed how each business even if in the same industry segment operates differently as per their own processes and priorities. This stands true even when selecting engagement model. Every Software Project is different when it comes to its size, complexity level, duration, deadline & market strategy. Selecting the right engagement model for your venture will ensure not only Project success but also best value for money and smooth collaboration for both the parties.


How to select right engagement model?

We suggest our clients to go through list of criteria and understand how the answer to each of these criteria will actually determine what kind of service and hiring model will be perfect fit for you.

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  • Is it a large scale research based project ?
  • Is it a small or medium sized based project targeting a few set of functionality?
  • Is the Project acceptability is largely depended on timely market launch to customers?
  • Is the Project Timeline is depended on other internal or external factors of your business which may delay the Project and not directly affect your actual through-put of the business profit?
  • Do you have in-house resource(s), skill set or time to devote to the Project management activities?
  • Do you want us to handle project management and involve you with regular updates, reports, feedbacks and approvals?
  • Do you have a pre-set budget to fit into your expense?
  • Do you accept that it is not easy to set the budget before digging deep to clarify the concept and requirement detailing?
  • Are all the requirement clear, concise and detailed?
  • Will there be continuous changes or new requirements will be evolving as you move ahead during the Project development?
  • Is the Project just in idea phase and need more research & clarification before moving into the Project development?

When to prefer
  • When the scope of work associated with a project is not clearly defined.
  • Research based and complex large scale projects
  • There are chances that the requirement will be evolving over the time.
  • Support & Maintenance Contracts

Project Management
  • Project Management will be handled entirely by the customer. Continuous Communication between the client and Metwaves will be the key criterion.
  • Regular reports (Daily/Weekly) on the project status and role effectiveness is communicated to ensure value for the time and resources invested.

Payment Terms
  • Client will decide number of resources and preferred technology stack.
  • Metwaves will provide resource(s) as per the pre-determined skill set, competence and tech stack needed for the Project execution.
  • Time-based billing is set for each resource type that will be involved in the Project. Client is charged based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.
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What happens when Project undergoes a significant change: Change management Process is invoked. It involves analysis of how the changed/new requirement will impact the development done so far. Change(s) is accommodated with approval from both the client. This will include costs and timeline implications if any.

When to prefer
  • Clearly defined project goal and requirement
  • Limited Scope of the Project (mostly appropriate for small and medium-sized project)
  • Pre-set Budget

Project Management
  • Daily client Supervision is far less as compared to Time and Material model.
  • Regular development reports and status is shared as per the intervals decided by the client.

Payment Terms
  • Both time and money are decided upfront.
  • Well-defined and pre-defined project deliverables which is then tied with the various payment milestones
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When to prefer
  • This model handles the cons of both the Fixed cost and Time-Material based engagement model.
  • Client gets the resources based on monthly payments system. Client can even shuffle resources depending upon the load or phase of the Project execution.
  • Mostly preferred for long term projects.
  • Fixed Requirements or continuous changing requirements - both the scenarios work fine in this model

Project Management
  • Client has complete control of the Project development activities.
  • It is advisable that the client has the vision clarity and plan in advance to manage list of tasks and resource allocation. This way client will be able to utilize the team optimally and get maximum output.

Payment Terms
  • Monthly cost of the resource(s) is fixed after the project requirement and skill set discussion.
  • Client pays every month to the team.
About Metwaves
In addition to the above engagement model, there are some hybrid engagement models also popular in the market to full unique need of the clients.

Combination of Time based Model & Fixed Cost Model OR Combination of Dedicated Resource and Fixed Cost
Suppose your Project requirements still need more research and detailing before going into the development stage. In this case, Client can opt for Time and Material model (Hourly billing) or Dedicated Resource model, until the requirement clarification is complete and well defined deliverables are identified. After requirement analysis phase, client can switch to Fixed Cost model.

Any Engagement model you choose, we assure you peace of mind

Secured development environment

100% Privacy Maintained

Tailored Management & Reporting Preferences

Complete ownership of project assets

Hesitating about which engagement model to choose ?

Get-in touch with us, our team will contact you and help you choose the pricing model that best suits your project characteristics.

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These steps are here to make you familiar on how we go about to build a partnership and start working with you !

First Meet-up

Our clients contact us via email or phone to share their ideas & expectations with us. It can be as simple as short description of the Project goal or you can also send us RFP or RFQ. We are ready to sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Metwaves Proceeds with Discovery Phase

In this step, we get to know about our client. Our team will go through Project requirements in detail. Depending upon the Project complexity or Project clarity, our team will contact you to collect more information and analyze the solution. Technology stack, architecture and UI/UX recommendations will be discussed.

MetWaves team will send Proposal

This proposal will consist of Project estimation in terms of time and cost, recommended Technology platform, tools and methodology. List of Team member(s) along with their role description in the Project

Finalizing the Proposal and Sign Agreement

Client reviews the Proposal document. If any changes in the understanding of Project goal or any specific expectations from MetWaves, will be discussed and proposal will be revised before taking final approval

Metwaves Starts the Project

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