Frequently Ask Questions

What are your engagement models?

  • Fixed – Appropriate for simple and small projects which have clear requirements. You can provide requirements on which we work and deliver solution in deadline.
  • Dedicated – Appropriate for large enterprises. You hire developers which work on your project as per your instructions giving you complete control over entire development and maintenance.
  • Hybrid – Appropriate for large projects which has ever changing requirements. On analyzing your project, we agree to a create a mix pool of dedicated and floating resources to suit your project.
  • Time & Resource – Appropriate for medium business requiring a dedicated team. On analyzing your project, we agree to hourly rate and have to pay only for resources utilized. You can flexibility to modify requirements and objective at any phase.

Which process and methodologies you employ to develop project?

Depending on project scope and engagement model, we employ various software engineering development models.
For a normal fixed cost project, we employ a standard waterfall model i.e.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Scope Study
  • Requirement Specification
  • Analysis
  • Wireframing and Mockups
  • Graphics Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Support.
We employ Xtreme Programming and Agile Practises for Prototyping, Product Engineering and Hourly Engagement Models. We have set very high standards and checks at every stage to ensure a quality product.

What are your quality control practices?

We have dedicated QA teams which employ Unit, Blackbox, Functional, Integration, Load and Performance testing mechanisms on our every project. Our Project Leaders and Managers performs final testing before every delivery and make sure we meet our high quality standards.

How do I get a quote from Metwaves?

Please email or call us or request a callback and we can talk in-depth about your idea or product or solution you seek.

Do you have product and service agreements?

Yes, we do and we need to agree on it before we finalize the project.

Is there any penalty clause for late delivery?

We do not have it by default, but on your request we can add penalty clause to service agreement before we finalize the project. However, we have always delivered earlier than our deadlines due to precise time management.

How do I track project status?

We have in-house Project Management System and you can login to access project schedule, assigned resources, daily work status, team attendance, progress report, project artifacts, SRS, Mockups, QA Reports etc. which will provide you complete in-depth data anytime and anywhere.

Are programmers available at my local time?

Normally, programmers are always available during office hours i.e. from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST. For special cases, availability can be arranged.

How can I get support for an item which isn't working correctly?

You will always have dedicated team and project manager assigned to you. We have quick turn-around time and our team can fix them ASAP. With our very high quality assurance, such cases occur rarely.

I only want paid support service. Is it possible?

Yes we provide paid software and network support services.

Is is possible to send resources to onsite during preliminary study or entire lifecycle?

Yes, we can send resources to your premises or offices for initial startup phase or for during entire project lifecycle.

I already have graphics design. I only want to use your development services. Is it possible?

Yes it is. You can use choose any specific phase of our development methodology.

What is Estimated Time to develop an app?

It purely depends on complexity of app. A simple app takes 1-3 weeks and very complex app can take upto 6-11 weeks.

Can you upload an application to app store?

Yes, we can and we do not charge anything to upload the application. However, app store fee is charged by providers and varies by company. For e.g. Apple $99, Google $25, Windows $19. Fees charged by them are subjective to change.

Do you have refund policy?

We have refund policy and if project is not delivered on terms, you can receive full refund. Though none of our clients have asked about it and are we have always delivered solutions exceeding their expectations.

I have brilliant idea for product. How can i ensure that it won't leak to others?

We have Non-Disclosure Agreement per project signed by entire team which will take care of complete confidentialty.


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